Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zeke's Day Off

Hey everyone,

We just thought we would share a little something about a little trip we took to get out of the office for a while.  There's a little lookout point I'm sure a lot of you have been to right on the river in front of St. Thomas University.  There's a lot of little trails including one that leads down to the Mississippi River and one that leads to Shadow falls.  The latter is the one we took.  Here's some pictures of 3 of us (Antara, Sean & Scott) hanging out on the little trails.

Also, for everyone asking about our name: check out our website.  I've put a new page on there.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the Thick of It

We've had a hell of a week working to get closer to our grand opening as the newest restaurant in the Longfellow neighborhood. We finished as much demolition as we're going to do for now.  Now we just have to put the puzzle pieces back together.  It's a long, arduous uphill battle getting every area of the building up to the latest building and health codes.  Grab a beer and I'll tell you about it some time.

The best part of this week was the day we got our brand new 6-burner range, flat-top grill and double oven. The grill is the heart of the kitchen so we're very excited to have a brand new one of our own.  Scott's truck, however, paid the price to get it back to the restaurant.  The stress of so many trips back and forth to different equipment places, hauling hundreds of pounds at a time finally took its toll on Scott's brakes, which began to smoke as we brought the grill to its new home.  Scott pulled up on the sidewalk, ran in, and quickly emerged with a fire extinguisher to cool off the brakes, and then had 3 parts replaced the next morning.  Fiscal ramifications aside, it was pretty funny

Part of our focus this week has been to decide the beers on our taps.  We all love a good beer an each have different tastes.  One of the highlights of our week was our trip down the street to the business place of our new friends at Harriet Brewing.  All four of us stopped in to their tap room to talk with their staff about getting delivery (9 blocks away) as well as sample their current offerings.  While we enjoyed all of them, their Divine Oculust stood out as some of the best beer we've had, so we're looking to include a seasonal selection from Harriet on our taps.

We'd like to hear from you now:
What's your favorite beer or style of beer?  We'll aim to include something to please every palate.