Friday, December 14, 2012

Continuing Renovations

The next step in our continuing renovations in preparation for New Years was taking out the old soda fountain. It was a staple in the old Lake Street Garage and has been there for years. Taking it out was long overdue and a lot of work. The soda fountain was in two pieces and both massive and heavy. Once we sawed off the legs that were cemented in the ground we had to figure out how to get it out of the doors. The only door that we could fit it out of was the front door, meaning we had to wheel the soda fountain around the block to the back of the building. It took three of us and one small dolly to wheel the first section across the icy alley. The second section was a lot heavier. It took all four of us, the dolly and Scott's truck to maneuver it down the alley to the back of the building.

Renovations are not the only thing we are working on. We also finalized the menu for our grand opening (TBA). We will be serving eight different kinds of pizza, both classic and our gourmet pizzas. We will also have a sample of our appetizers including deep fried garlic poppers, wings with our homemade sauces and pepper jack sticks. For dessert there will be chocolate truffles

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