Monday, December 24, 2012

My Kitchen Is Gone!

So we've made significant progress in this last weekend leading up to X-Mas Eve.  Our granite team did an amazing job putting together a complete bar from end to end, which makes the bar seem twice as long.  We used over 2 full slabs of granite, but it makes a huge impact on the feeling of the restaurant and the bar area in particular.The stone came in late at night and was freezing cold but the granite team cut it and installed it in no time at all and now the bar has a completely different feel from the dilapidated and out-dated wood.  Coming into this project, we always wanted to ad some wow-factor and have a statement piece saying that this was a brand new restaurant.  Together with the new paint color, this granite makes that statement.  The only thing left to do in order to complete our face-lift on the space is to re-do the floors with brand new hardwood throughout.

We also went into US Food Supply twice in the last week to pick up brand new kitchen equipment.  As per the request of the city, we removed almost everything in the kitchen...including some of the wall coverings in order to bring everything up to the latest building codes.  We're getting a brand new stove/oven/iron grill combo, a brand new dishwashing sink, new bar-height tables, new kitchen utensils and much more.  Scott and I are like kids in a candy store there and it's become Antara's job to keep us from buying them out. The salesperson we've been working with has kept us coming back with great deals that allows a small business like ours to make ends meet, so we also brought him a little gift for the holidays.

Starting this week we're back hard at work.  We'll be in the final push trying to get the kitchen put back together with the new equipment, putting in the new flooring, organizing our storage room in the basement, and fixing up the bathrooms so that we can have 2 unisex bathrooms instead of a mens and womens.

We wish all of you a happy holidays and can't wait to open our doors for you to all come visit us

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