Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slowly but Surely!!!

Hey all,

We're sorry we haven't posted in a while, but we've got good news.  We're almost there!
The team has been off in Narnia slaying dragons made of red tape and paperwork, but we're almost through it all.  (The pen is mightier than the sword after all...but a little bit less fun to use).  We're still anticipating a late February grand opening and are really excited.

Unfortunately, due to the timing of the paperwork, we are looking at opening without our liquor license, but would be adding beer, wine, and cocktails within just a few weeks.

Now here's some more news as to what's been going on with the team!

We are very proud to announce that Antara is one of the recipients of this year's American Culinary Federation's (ACF) scholarships for the local chapter.  Also, because she received a local scholarship, she is now eligible to win a national scholarship from the ACF.

The restaurant itself is coming along.  We have a little bit more construction, including redoing plumbing and building a couple walls.

We've been busy cleaning the dust off everything and giving the space a much-needed face-lift.  ReDesign Inc. has been generous enough to supply us with some new paint, some of which ended up on my (Sean's) face while painting the trusses on the ceiling.  Let's just say I don't plan on being the next Michelangelo.

We've also begun to set up the tables and stage the inside of the building to look suspiciously like a restaurant.
We've met with some great people and made some excellent business connections. Everyone is on board for our concept of local and fresh ingredients and food made from 100% scratch.

We're getting tons of inspiration from the ingredients we've looked at from the local suppliers.  We're looking at adding a salad with fresh grilled hearts of romaine and sauteed seasonal vegetables and a champagne vinaigrette.


  1. So now that February has passed, any idea of a new opening date?

    1. Sorry, we still don't have a date, but we're looking at about 2-3 weeks left. We've had to re-do all the plumbing in the whole building, but we're on track and submitting for our licenses this week. Thanks for posting
      ~The Zeke's Team