Saturday, April 6, 2013

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sorry for taking so long to post, but we're now getting very close to opening.  We don't have an official open date yet, but it should be very soon.  We could be open as early as next week pending final inspections, so keep your eyes out for another post.  This weekend we're finishing up the drywall, painting and finishing touches.  Then we just need to put the pots, pans, plates and glasses, etc. back in its place and open the doors.  We'll be testing out our recipes and taking pictures this week as well.  Pictures will be posted soon.

We also have our liquor license processed and gone to to city council meeting for approval, so we may not have wine and beer when we open, but it should follow shortly.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.  This has been a long and stressful process, but we are very excited to get the doors open after a long winter.

~The Zeke's Team


  1. Can't wait for the big opening! I've got some nice prints for the opening exhibit. You guys have done SO MUCH work just to get to this point! It looks GREAT! Almost there! Keep up the good work!

  2. Glad to hear it's soon! Looking for a place to eat this evening, was hoping it could be at Zekes! Soon.

  3. Congratulations - almost there! We are pleased that you have chosen this exciting, developing area of East Lake for Zeke's Unchained Animal and are confident you will find success here.
    Joyce, Lake Street Council